Why can't I cum when I masturbate? Ever since I started masturbating for the very first time, I still can't cum... I could really use the stress relief. I can barely keep a boner up too! Even when I'm really horny and I find the perfect hentai. Am I fapping wrong, or am I just pathetic? Maybe my hand isn't good enough but I can't order an Onahole because I don't live alone and I would have nowhere to hide it.


I dunno chief, it sounds like you’re doing everything right to me, but those questions should be directed to a doctor.

Best of luck in your masturbation quest!

Have you ever run across any fap material during a session that just immediately turns you off and you cant finish?


Ehhhhh… after a while you kinda just become jaded to it all…. I mean sometimes it’ll be good, and everything is great and sexy one moment and then you click the next page and BAM HARDCORE URETHRAL PROLAPSE D:

…or ya know, something of that nature. But that’s when I just wipe that from my memory and click “previous page” and return to the land of “I didn’t just see that”



when u haven’t masturbated in ages and


damn imma stop masturbating for a while so i can grow cannons on my back and launch torrents of water at people

Anonymous said: “Tell me if this is strange.. when I masturbate I usually can’t stop until I’ve orgasmed at least three times and at most five times also I’m a girl”


Masturbation is both healthy and totally radical!

It releaves stress, and is also cool as hell

The more you do it, the cooler you are!

Take me for examlple, I masturbate on the hour, every hour. And look at me now!





28. Have you masturbated while someone else was in the room?

Yeah! I’ve been in masturbation races to see who’d cum in first ;D

69. What was your most embarrassing sexual moments? thank you Brendon I was very bored



Probably the handful of times I’ve been walked in on while I was…er… snake charming? Yeah… let’s go with that.

Yeah, I’ve been walked in on by my mom… sister…. cousin… sister’s friends… girlfriend… the list goes on <_<;

27 ;D


27. How often do you masturbate?

The short answer: A LOT

The long answer: A REAL FUCKING LOT

Brandon, do you think it's weird when someone masturbates every night? Because I do and I mean like. Idk I think it might be weird.


I do it every night

…and every morning

…and every afternoon

In fact, hey! Look at the time! It’s half past fap! :D

In answer to your question, you’re not weird <3


when u jackin it and boutta nut like


then someone walk in and u like


Anonymous asked you: I have a memory of being a real young girl fucking myself with my toy unicorn’s horn. In front of my mom. Did your parents ever catch you violating your toys?

….WHAT!? D:

But in answer to your question, I didn’t really do that too much growing up, at least not that I can remember. Though that’s not to say I haven’t been walked in on doing… umm… various other things <_<;