If you have a girlfriend, why do you masturbate so much? Shouldn't she be handling(haha get it) some of the load(haha)?

Because masturbation is AWESOME

Also, just because I have a girlfriend doesn’t mean she’s like… a sex slave or anything. We both work, have busy lives, and sometimes it’s just nice to have “me” time

I love you. Let's have grotesque anime weeb babies together?

Sorry, My girlfriend has dibs on me

so my boyfriend and i just had a pregnancy scare (our first one we havne't been dating long) and even though he was like "i'd support you in whatever decision you make" (and i ended up not being preggers), im scared it might hurt us sexually? we have nice sex but now im scared he might not want too cause of pregnant issues idk you know what i mean? (help me brandon-senpai i like having sex with my boyfriend)



Wait…. no… I don’t mean I also enjoy sex with your boyfriend, I mean I also enjoy… you know what MOVING ON!

So yeah! You wanna do the “dirty do” but not get preggers while doing so? Look into birth control options. Yeah, condoms are pretty basic, but they can tear and you don’t wanna be stuck in that situation. To prevent tearing, ALWAYS use lube! And not something stupid, like butter or spit, like ACTUAL SEX LUBE, you can buy it at Spencer’s gifts so it’s not like it’s hard to find. But yeah, condoms dry the fuck out pretty fast, so lube is a must. But there are also spermicides/IUDs/birth control pills/a birth control shot/ even your boyfriend can have some birth control options if the medical companies hurry up with that gel stuff I keep hearing about.

But I’m sure there is plenty more to look into, you should ask your doctor for more options to find something that works for you. And remember, SAFE SEX = HAPPY SEX

Enjoy having sex with your man, I know I will!


Guh…. just have fun and be safe

How do you feel about the giant, totally unrealistic hentai boobs that seem horribly common?


I feel about the same way about oversized breasts as I do about oversized weiners. Fine as long as they are within the realm of sanity. Once you get into MASSIVE MAMMARY MEGA MILK MONSTERS BIG ENOUGH TO DO BATTLE WITH THE MOON then it’s getting a bit silly.

THE ANIME ANON IS THINKING OF IS CALLED HEN ZEMI! it's a great anime, and you'd like it too, brandon.

Well there you have it, Jackoffolantern!

I think you have yourself a new art slave Inzombiac!

how did you come up with raptor-chan and wtf-chan? just random thoughts that came to your head, or are they inspired by something?


Oddly enough I actually came up with Raptor-Chan before WTF-Chan or even the blog!

I was just bored doodlin’ one day and I just made an anime girl with Raptor legs and a stutter saying "Y-y-you w-w-wanna g-g-go to the dance with me? Even though I have these r-r-raptor legs?" and I just named her “Dandere Raptor girl”

I loved the idea so much I decided to bring her back as a secondary mascot for the blog!

As for WTF-Chan I just really wanted to branch out with the blog, back when it was just me posting random anime/manga/hentai pics as I found them, I wanted to really make the blog stand out, so I was thinking of different mascots that could represent WTFManga

I ran through ideas of a big balled Tanuki, to a tentacle monster, and from there got the idea of “You know, tentacle monsters are always having sex with anime girls, but you never really see the aftermath” also I really wanted to get away from the whole idea of rape with tentacle monsters, so what if instead the anime girl and the tentacle monster were in love and in a commited relationship, maybe even husband and wife, maybe a kid! That kinda deal. So from that WTF-Chan was created! <3

okay this is killing me... there is this one weird/creepy anime about some girl who joins an after-school club because this guy she likes does too — and it turns out to be run by some creepy old guy who insists they engage in some sort-of sexual manners with one another AND I FOUND IT ONCE BUT WILL I EVER FUCKING FIND IT AGAIN. Please send help?


No idea what you’re talking about, chief.

Anyone care to make a guess and help them out?

We all know you like futa, but the real question is how big do you like them?


I’m fine as long as they are within the realm of sanity. You know, like 7 or so inches and under.

I’m really not too wild about the GYNORMO-MONSTER COCKS you see in a lot of hentai. Like, it gets to a point where it’s like the size of a lamp post and as thick as a hulahoop shooting like 100+ gallons of cum all over the place and it just gets silly

What is your take on vore with a happy ending? As in the "victim" is some how magically alive the next day. Not jus digested and turned into poo

You fucking people, I swear to gawd…

No. Just no. Everything you just said?

Just…. no

Who are four people you'd love to see fight in a Dragonball Z esque brawl?


Hmmmm…. interesting question!

Any four people out of anything ever?

How about a four-way between Steve Urkel, ALF, Bill Cosby, and The Fonz?

An all out, TV sitcom icon, high stakes KERFUFFLE!