How large is your hentai folder?

2.47 GB

…is that big? <_<;

whats it like being an actual adult who buys groceries and goes to work



How do you feel about body mods?

Your body is your temple, celebrate it by decorating to your soul’s content! <3

(yeah, I know all I gots is my dinky zelda hearts, but my point stands!)

How do you drink cranberry juice!

I don’t, as cranberries are about as tastey as Moxie soda mixed with paint D:

Doesn't growing your body hair back after shawing itch like motherfucker? (Eeeew, itchy scratchy man-parts!) Body sugaring is the thing to do.

I haven’t really experienced any itching from shaving, which is weird considering how it’s like the #1 complaint I hear people talk about when shaving their junk

…only downside so far is your balls stick to your thigh like some kinda velcro devil magic <_<;

Okay you know the 'indirect kiss' thing where two people share a water bottle or a juice and one of them gets the dokis? Why don't they ever do that thinking about butts and toilets!? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY BUTTS YOU'VE INDIRECTLY BUTTKISSED!?

HIGH FIVE for the Megas XLR reference on the giant robot question!

Anonymous said: “What do you think about bondage? :3 do you like it?”


Not really my cup of tea, but whatever floats your boat

I've never understood this, but what is with japan and mechas. Mechas seem so inefficient.

Because chicks dig giant robots

You remind me of the babe

What babe?